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6 Top Designer Work Tote Bags for Women

1. Chanel Deauville Tote
Chanel Deauville Tote Bag is classic, and ideal for those who are fans of Chanel however need something practical to carry around during work. The bag will hold important items you require for work which includes laptops, documents and other documents. It is equipped with Chanel’s iconic hand-woven leather straps that are interspersed and the CC logo, as well as “31 Rue Champion” on the front.

2. Christian Dior Book Tote Bag
Another excellent work bag for women is the classic Christian Dior Book Tote. It’s become a celeb popular and favorite of people who love handbags since its first release. The bag has the “CHRISTIAN DIOR” signature on the front. lv女鞋 It has a defined, boxy silhouette and a well-lit, fabric-lined inside. Also, it comes in various sizes and styles to accommodate any lifestyle.

3. Saint Laurent Unstructured Tote from YSL
The sleek Saint Laurent Unstructured Tote by YSL is a stylish alternative for working professionals who aren’t a fan of extravagant flags or logos. It has flat leather handles that are comfortable to wear over the shoulder and a zippered pouch to store your less valuable essentials. It’s made of high quality, soft leather and it is extremely luxurious.

4. Celine Luggage Bag Celine
The unique design and functionality of Celine’s Celine Luggage Bag have made it among Celine’s most sought-after bags. The bag first came out back in 2010, and it comes as three sizes, Nano, Micro, and Mini. The largest can be described as that of the Mini Luggage Tote, which is the ideal size bag ideal for traveling and for working.

5. Louis Vuitton Onthego Tote
Louis Vuitton Onthego Tote Bag is designed to serve as an easy-to-use everyday bag in addition to a great job bag. It is perfect to the woman who’s constantly on the move. You can carry the bag in your hand, or it can be used using it as a shoulder bag. The Louis Vuitton Onthego Tote is offered in three sizes to fit the needs of every person.

6. Goyard St. Louis Tote
Goyard St. Louis Tote Bag light and non-structured bag that can be increased to store large items like laptops and papers. It is also able to fold to be carried inside your other bags (you could use it as an additional bag). The bag also includes a pouch that can be removed for storage of your day-to-day items. The bag is made from Reversible Goyardine fabric, which allows for greater functionality as well as versatility. This Goyard St. Louis Tote bag comes in a variety of shades like red, blue, green, yellow as well as white.

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