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Champion Pro Cut Michael Jordan 50th Anniversary Commemorative Rookie Jersey Holy Grail

The ad was aired by Holy’s on December 3rd, 1996, in order to highlight Champion’s Retro Line in NBA 50th Anniversary Jerseys. This advertisement showcases the Limited Edition Pro Cut Michael Jordan 50th Anniversary Commemorative Rookie jersey. The only authentic jersey that Champion made available for the NBA 50th anniversary collection. It was only limited to 200 and available only by ordering by phone from Carsons. It is widely regarded as to be the “Holy Gold in Jordan jerseys.” Through my nearly 20 years of collecting, I have only seen 2 Ebay auctions.

Champion has not produced sizes comparable to those shown in this advertisement photo. The jock tag appears to be a size 46 in the ad. The size Jordan was his standard through the entirety of his career (Size 46 with body length +3). Jordan was in his debut season wearing size 42. He after which he switched to size 44 when the length of his body +4 was completed. authentic vs replica jersey

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